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Elevee is a luxury brand that has been creating custom hand tailored wardrobes for high profile executives, professional athletes, and celebrity elite, for nearly two decades. Elevee is a completely vertical company that manufactures, designs, and styles in the U.S.A. This, coupled with thousands of in-house fabrics sourced from the finest English and Italian mills, enables our company the unprecedented ability to provide a 24-hour turnaround service. 

Elevee employs top stylists and designers in the fashion industry. Our stylists help you cultivate individuality through your wardrobe and create a style that articulates your own image. Whether you are conservative or a trend setter, we take and coordinate all of the clothing to make dressing effortless for you. Each hand tailored, custom wardrobe is designed exclusively to fit each client's lifestyle from casual to formal. Your image plays an integral part of who you are, and we take pride ourselves in helping you express yourself so you can put your best self out there. 

By infusing the expertise of our design team, the craftsmanship of our Master Tailors and the finest fabrics with your personal style and comfort level in mind, you create an unbeatable match. We understand the impact of being impeccably dressed and the necessity to establish each client's own unique image and brand. Elevee's old world approach and new age designs offer a distinct look that redefines style.

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